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Welcome to Not the worst blog ever

Throughout history, people have had to deal with moments of crisis. Earthquakes. Invasion. Famine. Floods. Terrorism.

In many ways, you’re reading this today because someone or some government body was able to handle an emergency well.

Sometimes, emergencies aren’t handled well. France’s poorly planned evacuation when Germany invaded during WWII. Tsar Nicholas held feasts while the rest of Russia was in the middle of famine. Numerous cholera epidemics in the 19th century Europe were testing grounds for what today seem like crazy medical practices.

Disasters, public emergencies, and crisis test governments. They also shed light on clear strengths and weaknesses of a state. Many times, despite clear issues, governments succeed in meeting the challenges of an emergency.

This blog is about the times when governments fail in their efforts to prevent, respond, or recover from a serious emergency.

If you are an emergency manager who takes lessons from the past, a pessimist historian, someone who loves to hate government, or just someone who want to hear about the Hudson Bay Company’s handling of famine, this blog is for you.